You Never Give Me Your Money (Lennon/McCartney)

You Never Give Me Your Money is made up of three distinctly different songs. The first is about actually having money. The second part is just a song reminecent to the middle eight of A Day In The Life. The third part is about the new life he had with Linda, how they could just get up and go whenever they wanted.


"This was me directly lambasting Allen Klein’s attitude to us: no money, just funny paper, all promises and it never works out. It’s basically a song about no faith in the person, that found its way into the medley on Abbey Road. John saw the humour in it." - Paul

"(Funny paper) is what we get. We get bits of paper saying how much was earned and what this and that is but we never actually get it in pounds, shillings, and get the money we've earned seems impossible." - George Harrison on the real-life financial situation the Beatles faced that inspired the song

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