You Know What to Do (Harrison)

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You Know What to Do (Harrison)

You Know What To Do was recorded during a demo session along with John’s No Reply and Paul’s It’s For You. The session occurred just after rehearsing Jimmie Nicol as Ringo’s replacement while he was out following his tonsil removal.


“There will be a bunch of people interested in hearing the George Harrison song from thirty years ago that no one to this day has heard – it’s not the greatest thing George ever wrote, but it’s an undiscovered nugget. If you find a little Egyptian pot, it doesn’t have to be the greatest Egyptian pot. The fact that it is Egyptian is enough.” – Paul McCartney, ahead of the song’s release on Anthology 1.

Recording dates

  • June 3, 1964


  • George Harrison – vocal, rhythm guitar
  • John Lennon – tambourine
  • Paul McCartney – bass guitar

Release history

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