Yer Blues (Lennon/McCartney)

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Yer Blues (Lennon/McCartney)


“Yer Blues was written in India, too. The same thing up there trying to reach God and feeling suicidal.” – John

“The funny thing about the [Maharishi’s] camp was that although it was very beautiful and I was meditating about eight hours a day, I was writing the most miserable songs on earth. In Yer Blues, when I wrote, ‘I’m so lonely I want to die,’ I’m not kidding. That’s how I felt.” – John

“George had this idea that he wanted to [record Not Guilty] in the control room with the speakers blasting, so that he got more of an on-stage feel…I remember that John Lennon came in at one point and I turned to him and said, ‘Bloody hell, the way you lot are carrying on you’ll be wanting to record everything in the room next door!’ The room next door was tiny, where the four-track tape machines were once kept, and it had no proper studio walls or acoustic set-up of any kind.

Lennon replied, ‘That’s a great idea, let’s try it on the next number!’ The next number was Yer Blues and we literally had to set it all up – them and the instruments – in this minute room. That’s how they recorded Yer Blues, and it worked out great!” – Ken Scott

“Yer Blues, on the White Album, you can’t top it. It was the four of us. That is what I’m saying: it was really because the four of us were in a box, a room about eight by eight, with no separation. It was this group that was together; it was like grunge rock of the sixties, really – grunge blues.” – Ringo


  • John Lennon – lead vocals, electric guitar
  • Paul McCartney – bass
  • George Harrison – electric guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums

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