Yellow Submarine Songtrack (1999)

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Yellow Submarine Songtrack (1999)

Yellow Submarine Songtrack (1999)

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Featuring digitally remastered tracks to accompany the digitally remastered film, the Yellow Submarine Songtrack differs from the original Yellow Submarine soundtrack in that it does not include the 5 original tracks performed by the George Martin Orchestra. Instead, there are nine previously released songs which appear in the movie.

All songs have been fully remixed from the original master tapes. Notably, the double tracking error which appears near the beginning of Eleanor Rigby has been removed.

Track list

  1. Yellow Submarine
  2. Hey Bulldog
  3. Eleanor Rigby
  4. Love You To
  5. All Together Now
  6. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  7. Think For Yourself
  8. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  9. With A Little Help From My Friends
  10. Baby You’re A Rich Man
  11. Only A Northern Song
  12. All You Need Is Love
  13. When I’m Sixty-Four
  14. Nowhere Man
  15. It’s All Too Much

Release history

  • Capitol/Apple CDP 7243 5 21481 2 7 (CD), released September 17, 1999
  • Apple 5099962145428 (remastered CD), released June 4, 2012 (UK), June 5, 2012 (US)

Vinyl edition, back cover

Yellow Submarine Songtrack, vinyl edition, back cover

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