The Singles (2011)

The Singles (2011)

The Singles (2011)

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The Singles was released as part of Record Store Day’s 2011 Black Friday event. A total of 15,700 sets was pressed. The set includes four 45rpm vinyl singles, and all four Beatles’ vocals are represented. Records have reproductions of original labels & sleeves and are contained in a numbered, heavy-duty, flip-top, red box with a 21″ x 21″ poster and an Apple Records jukebox adapter. Al tracks utilize the 2009 remasters.

Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is (1965)

Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby (1966)

Hey Jude / Revolution (1968)

Something/Come Together (double A-side) (1969)

Release history

  • Apple Records YNB 80045, released November 25, 2011

Leaflet (included inside the original packaging)

The Singles (2011) leaflet

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