The Sheik Of Araby (Smith/Wheeler/Snyder)

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The Sheik Of Araby (Smith/Wheeler/Snyder)

The Sheik Of Araby was performed during the Beatles’ 1962 Decca audition, a recording of which was included on Anthology 1.


“In those days a lot of the rock ‘n’ roll songs were actually old tunes from the Forties, Fifties or whenever, which people had rocked up. That was the thing to do if you didn’t have a tune: just rock up an oldie. Joe Brown had recorded a rock n’ roll version of ‘The Sheik Of Araby’. He was really popular on the Saturday TV show Six-Five Special and Oh Boy!. I did the Joe Brown records, so I sang ‘Sheik Of Araby’.” – George Harrison, from Anthology

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