The Beatles Vol. 5: Beatles For Sale (Mexico, 1964)

The Beatles Vol. 5: Beatles For Sale (Mexico, 1964)

Issued originally on the Musart label, as Capitol (who handled North American distribution) did not have offices in Mexico and had to contract production out to them. Capitol established offices in Mexico in 1965 and reissued the album on their own label from that point on. Musart releases are relatively hard to find.

Track list

Side A

  1. Sin Respuesta (No Reply)
  2. Soy Un Perdedor (I'm A Loser)
  3. La Nena De Negro (Baby's In Black)
  4. Musica De Rock (Rock And Roll Music)
  5. Seguire El Sol (I'll Follow The Sun)
  6. Sr Luz De Luna (Mr. Moonlight)
  7. Kansas City (Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!)

Side B

  1. Ocho Dias A La Semana (Eight Days A Week)
  2. Palabras De Amor (Words Of Love)
  3. Cariño No (Honey Don't)
  4. Cada Cosita (Every Little Thing)
  5. No Quiero Estropear La Fiesta (I Don't Want To Spoil The Party)
  6. Lo Que Estas Haciendo (What You're Doing)
  7. Todas Quieren Ser Mis Novias (Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby)

Release history

  • Musart D-1018 (mono), released 1965
  • Capitol LEM 046 (mono), released 1966

1970s Capitol reissue cover

The Beatles Vol. 5: Beatles For Sale, 1970s Capitol reissue cover (Mexico, 1964)

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