The Beatles’ Second Album (United States, 1964)

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The Beatles’ Second Album (United States, 1964)

The Beatles' Second Album (United States, 1964)

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Although indeed Capitol’s second Beatles release in the US, it was the third following Meet The Beatles and VeeJay’s Introducing The Beatles. The Beatles’ Second Album features more repackaged UK releases for the US market, as would be the norm until 1967, but is notable for being the first LP released in the world to feature I Call Your Name and Long Tall Sally. Few ballads or slower songs are included, and The Beatles’ Second Album is notorious for being more “rock and roll” than other albums. The album was rereleased on CD in 2004 as part of the four disc set The Capitol Albums, Vol. 1 in both stereo and mono on one disc using the original Capitol masters, and again in 2014 in The U.S. Albums box set but featuring reworked EMI masters.


“You mean Capitol actually put out an LP called ‘The Beatles’ Second Album’?!” – Neil Aspinall

Track list

Side A

  1. Roll Over Beethoven
  2. Thank You Girl
  3. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  4. Devil In Her Heart
  5. Money
  6. You Can’t Do That

Side B

  1. Long Tall Sally
  2. I Call Your Name
  3. Please Mr. Postman
  4. I’ll Get You
  5. She Loves You

Release history

  • Capitol T 2080 (mono), released April 10, 1964
  • Capitol ST 2080 (stereo), released April 10, 1964
  • Capitol C1-90444, released July 28, 1988
  • Apple/Capitol CDP 7243 8 66877 2 2 (remastered mono & stereo CD), released November 15, 2004 in The Capitol Albums Vol. 1
  • Apple B0019698-02 (remastered mono & stereo CD), released January 21, 2014

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