The Beatles In Italy (Italy, 1965)

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The Beatles In Italy (Italy, 1965)

The Beatles In Italy (Italy, 1965)

The title to The Beatles In Italy sounds like it’s a live album, and apparently even John was duped because in a 1970 Rolling Stone interview he claimed, “…there’s (a live album) in Italy apparently, that somebody recorded there.” In reality the album had nothing to do with Italy; it was created to capitalize on their concert there in 1965 and was made up entirely of songs from singles and EPs.

Without an officially-issued live album released during the Beatles’ career, John’s comment caused a frenzy of attention from fans, who at that point were not widely aware of foreign affiliates’ tendency to compile albums themselves outside of the Beatles’ supervision.

The champagne glass cover

In 1968 the album was reissued with a new cover using a photo of the Beatles holding champagne glasses. This cover became highly sought-after and was widely counterfeited. The same photo was used on the original Greece release of Rubber Soul.

I Feel Fine “whispering version”

Later stereo copies of the album contain the “whispering” version of I Feel Fine that had previously been released on British copies of 1962-1966, in which a tape being started and a voice muttering something can be heard before the song starts.

Track list

Side A

  1. Long Tall Sally
  2. She’s A Woman
  3. Matchbox
  4. From Me To You
  5. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  6. Ticket To Ride

Side B

  1. This Boy
  2. Slow Down
  3. I Call Your Name
  4. Thank You Girl
  5. Yes It Is
  6. I Feel Fine

Release history

  • Parlophone PMCQ 31506, released July 13, 1965
  • Odeon EAS-81525 (Japan)
  • Parlophone 1A 062-04632 (Netherlands)

1968 reissue with “champagne-glass” cover

The Beatles In Italy (Italy, 1968 reissue)

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