The Beatles 1 (Ecuador, 1964)

The Beatles 1 (Ecuador, 1964)

The Beatles 1 (Ecuador, 1964)

Ecuador issue of the Mexican LP Conozca A The Beatles!, issued on the Odeon label.

Track list

Side A

  1. La Vi Alla (I Saw Her Standing There)
  2. Quiero Estrechar Tu Mano (I Want to Hold Your Hand)
  3. Ella Te Ama (She Loves You)
  4. Seras Mia (I’ll Get You)
  5. De Mi Parta Ti (From Me to You)
  6. Gracias Nina (Thank You Girl)

Side B

  1. Quiero Ser Tu Hombre (I Wanna Be Your Man)
  2. No Otra Vez (Not a Second Time)
  3. No Me Molestes (Don’t Bother Me)
  4. Pequeno Nino (Little Child)
  5. Abrazame Fuerte (Hold Me Tight)
  6. Este Muchacho (This Boy)

Release history

  • Odeon LP-12-19084, released 1964

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