Sweet Apple Trax vol. 2

Sweet Apple Trax vol. 2

Sweet Apple Trax vol. 2 (CBM Records version)

Several bootlegs were released using the name Sweet Apple Trax vol. 2. Most were single volume, and most were direct copies of the original put out on NewSound Records. The versions by ImageDisc featured a double picture LP which was run in very limited numbers.

All recordings stem from January 8-10, 1969 recording sessions

Track list

Disc 1, Side 1

  1. Let It Be (First Practice)
  2. Be Bop A Lou
  3. Silver Spoon
  4. Tuesday Speaking
  5. High Heel Sneakers

Disc 1, Side 2

  1. I’ll Be Mine (instrumental)
  2. One After 909
  3. Norwegian Wood
  4. Bathroom Window

Disc 2, Side 1

  1. A Long Road
  2. Shakin In The Sixties
  3. Everybody s Rockin
  4. Across The Universe
  5. On Our Way Home

Disc 2, Side 2

  1. Momma You’ve Been On My Mind
  2. Da De Da

Release history

  • CBM Records, CBM 4181, released 1973

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