Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1

Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1

Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1

The first in a line of unrelated bootlegs, the legendary Sweet Apple Trax vol. 1 was released by a different label than subsequent volumes. Several releases used the “Sweet Apple Trax” name, but the original release was issued by CBM Records. Wizardo reissued their own version around 1974-1975 on special colored vinyl. Later reissues featured a black and white rather than colored sleeve.

Track list

Disc 1, Side 1

  1. Old Hillbilly Way
  2. House Of Rising Sun
  3. Commonwealth Song
  4. Get Off White Power

Disc 1, Side 2

  1. Winston, Richard, John
  2. Yackety Yack
  3. For You Blue
  4. Let It Be

Disc 2, Side 1

  1. Get Back
  2. Don’t Let Me Down
  3. On Our Way Home
  4. Ba Ba Blacksheep
  5. Encore

Disc 2, Side 2

  1. Suzy Parker
  2. Oh Yeah
  3. No Pakistanis

Release history

  • CBM Records, released 1974

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  1. Shabrock says:

    But what is it that makes it so legendary. I see songs I’ve heard elsewhere, so that must be it? But where are the songs from? Live? Studio? Both?

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