Assembled here is a wealth of information on the entire Beatles song catalog including release information, backgrounds, performances, chart positions, and much more.

Beatles Singles Discography

The Beatles released 22 singles from 1962 to 1970. Additionally, many other singles were issed by EMI around the world, and even others were issued by other record companies. EMI also released several post-Beatles singles when the band's contract with EMI expired in 1976. If that isn't confusing enough, there were also two singles planned for release, complete with sleeve designs and catalog numbers, which were pulled at the last minute and never saw release.

SECOND TO NONE: The Beatles Song Index

Featured here is a complete listing of songs found on the Beatles' official regular-issue studio album releases, alphabetically, with a wealth of information including detailed song backgrounds, release information, chart performance, recording notes, and much more.

LET ME TAKE YOU DOWN: Excerpts From John's Playboy Interview

In a 1980 Playboy interview with David Sheff months before his death, John spoke about his days with the Beatles, being a "housewife", and baking bread among other things. Near the end of the interview, Sheff began to ask John about a number of Beatles songs.

The Beatles were no strangers to chart success, as is shown by this complete chart of Beatles singles as they appeared on Billboard Magazine's music charts. Number one hits are shown in red.

Mal Evans in the studio with Paul and George Martin

Many people contributed minor performances to many Beatles recordings, but assistant Mal Evans is responsible for some of the most recognizable sounds and performances of all.

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