Beatles Singles Discography

The Beatles released 22 singles from 1962 to 1970. Additionally, many other singles were issed by EMI around the world, and even others were issued by other record companies. EMI also released several post-Beatles singles when the band's contract with EMI expired in 1976. If that isn't confusing enough, there were also two singles planned for release, complete with sleeve designs and catalog numbers, which were pulled at the last minute and never saw release.

The following is an attempt to list the officially released singles throughout the world. The UK singles are considered official canon, and singles from other countries (as well as the unreleased ones) follow. There were no singles released between 1971 and 1975.

Regular Issue (UK) Single Releases

Post-Breakup Regular Issue Singles

Worldwide Single Releases

The following is a selected list of singles released by the Beatles worldwide. These are official releases but were not planned by the Beatles themselves - rather, they were compiled and released by worldwide publishers without the Beatles' direct involvement. They are listed in alphabetical order by A-side title.

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