She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Lennon/McCartney)

Paul wrote the lyrics to She Came In Through The Bathroom Window after a real event in which several groupies, commonly known as Apple Scruffs, broke into his house and wandered around, snatching clothes and pictures.


"That was written by Paul when we were in New York forming Apple, and he first met Linda. Maybe she's the one who came in the window. She must have. I don't know. Somebody came in the window." - John Lennon, Playboy, 1980

"We were bored, he was out and so we decided to pay him a visit. We found a ladder in his garden and stuck it up at the bathroom window which he'd left slightly open. I was the one who climbed up and got in." - Jessica Samuels, one of the groupies who broke into Paul's house and inspired the song

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  • Joe Cocker (from Mad Dogs & Englishmen)

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