Searchin’ (Leiber/Stoller)

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Searchin’ (Leiber/Stoller)

Searchin’ was performed during the Beatles’ 1962 Decca audition, a recording of which was included on Anthology 1. It was performed regularly during the Beatles’ Cavern Club performances.


“A rumour reached town one day that there was a man over the hills who had the record ‘Searchin” by The Coasters. Colin, the drummer with John’s skiffle group, knew him and so there was a great trek to find the man, and indeed we found him. And relieved him of it. It was too big a responsibility for him to keep. We couldn’t return it. We just had to have it; it was like gold dust. ‘Searchin’ became a big number with the Beatles; we always used to do it at the Cavern.” Paul McCartney, from Anthology


  • Paul McCartney – lead vocal, bass
  • John Lennon – backing vocals, rhythm guitar
  • George Harrison – backing vocals, lead guitar
  • Pete Best – drums

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