Revolver (1966)


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As Rubber Soul was a major turning point in the Beatles writing and recording styles, Revolver (working titles "Abracadabra", "Magical Circles", and "Beatles On Safari") took that attitude of exploration even further. The Beatles were even deeper into the underground art and drug scenes which were influencing their music in entirely new ways. Tomorrow Never Knows featured the unprecedented use of tape loops and sound effects and was a breakthrough in pop music. None of the songs on Revolver were played on tour, even though the album was released during what turned out to be their last tour ever. Winner of the 1966 Grammy for Best Album Cover/Package (designed by Klaus Voorman who later created the Anthology covers) and Album of the Year. Also named the greatest rock and roll album of all time by VH1 in 2001 in their "100 Greatest Rock And Roll Albums Of All Time" series.

Rare Remix 11 of Tomorrow Never Knows

The standard release of Tomorrow Never Knows is from Remix 8. However, on the first day of manufacturing for Revolver a number of copies were pressed using Remix 11 which is different in several ways; the vocal is louder and clearer over the effects, the fade is slightly longer and has more piano, and the effects are faded up differently. Copies of Revolver featuring this rareer version are labeled with matrix XEX 606-1 on side B, whereas the more common mix shows XEX 606-2 or XEX 606-3.

Track list

Side A

  1. Taxman
  2. Eleanor Rigby
  3. I'm Only Sleeping
  4. Love You To
  5. Here, There, And Everywhere
  6. Yellow Submarine
  7. She Said, She Said

Side B

  1. Good Day Sunshine
  2. And Your Bird Can Sing
  3. For No One
  4. Doctor Robert
  5. I Want To Tell You
  6. Got To Get You Into My Life
  7. Tomorrow Never Knows

Release history

  • Parlophone PMC 7009 (mono), released August 5, 1966
  • Parlophone PCS 7009 (stereo), released August 5, 1966
  • Parlophone CDP 7 46441 2 (stereo CD), released April 30, 1987
  • Apple 0946 3 82417 2 0 (remastered stereo CD), released September 9, 2009
  • Parlophone PMC 7009 (remastered mono CD), released September 9, 2009 in The Beatles In Mono box set

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