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Revolution 1 (Lennon/McCartney)

The unreleased take 20

In 2009, take 20 of Revolution 1, recorded on June 4, was uncovered on the bootleg Revolution: Take…Your Knickers Off! as well as on Youtube. Clocking in at nearly eleven minutes, the track is a stylistic cross between Revolution 1 and Revolution 9, containing avant garde elements as well as lyrical and musical elements from I Am The Walrus and Hey Jude.


  • John Lennon – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar
  • Paul McCartney – bass guitar, piano, Hammond organ, backing vocals
  • George Harrison – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Derek Watkins, Freddy Clayton – trumpets
  • Don Lang, Rex Morris, J. Power, Bill Povey – trombones

Release history

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  1. EAM says:

    The Take 18 version is probably my favorite thing on the White Album Anniversary Edition. The moment where John starts with the more forceful “all right”s at the end of the “main” part of the song – it just kicks

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