Por Siempre Beatles (Argentina, 1971)

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Por Siempre Beatles (Argentina, 1971)

Por Siempre Beatles (Argentina, 1971)

The origin of Por Siempre Beatles can be traced back to a 1968 Odeon compilation titled Beatles’ Celebration which was publicized but never issued due to the 1967 agreement with EMI which gave the Beatles greater control over album releases. None of the album’s 12 tracks appeared at that point on a British LP. “The Inner Light” and “I’m Down” would not appear on a British or American LP until the late 1970s, making this compilation a highly sought after release.

Track list

Side A

  1. Day Tripper
  2. Yes It Is
  3. I’m Down
  4. The Fool On The Hill
  5. Strawberry Fields Forever
  6. We Can Work It Out

Side B

  1. Your Mother Should Know
  2. Penny Lane
  3. Baby You’re A Rich Man
  4. I Call Your Name
  5. The Inner Light
  6. Blue Jay Way

Release history

  • EMI/Odeon LDS 2200, released 1971
  • EMI/Odeon J060-04973, released 1972 (Spain)

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