Polythene Pam (Lennon/McCartney)

"Polythene Pam" was two people John knew from earlier in life, one being a groupie who actually ate polythene, and the girlfriend of a friend of John's who dressed in polythene.


"That was me, remembering a little event with a woman in Jersey, and a man who was England's answer to Allen Ginsberg...I met him when we were on tour and he took me back to his apartment and I had a girl and he had one he wanted me to meet. He said she dressed up in polythene, which she did. She didn't wear jack boots and kilts, I just sort of elaborated. Perverted sex in a polythene bag. Just looking for something to write about." - John

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  • Booker T. & the MGs (from McLemore Avenue)

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