LEND ME YOUR EARS: 'Paul Is Dead' Audio "Clues"

The "Paul Is Dead" hoax suggests that the Beatles planted numerous clues in their recordings that Paul McCartney was killed in an auto accident and replaced with a lookalike named William Campbell. This list attempts to compile all of the "clues" in one place. These "clues" are known to be completely false or exaggerated. Nonetheless they are collected here for historical and entertainment purposes.

From Revolver

Taxman - the background voices say "Paul" after George sings the lines "if you drive a car" and "if you get too cold". It sounds like this: "if you drive a car PAAAAUUUL" and "if you get too cold PAAAAUUUL."

Got To Get You Into My Life - the lines "I was alone, I took a ride...suddenly I see you" refer to the accident scene, "you" being "Lovely Rita".

From Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Fixing A Hole - when listened to closely, the line "see the people standing there, they disagree" can be interpreted as"silly Beatle standing there, they disagree", which speaks of William Campbell, and the line "silly people run around..." can be interpreted as "silly Beatle run around...", which is talking about Campbell trying to adjust to his new role as Beatle bassist.

Lovely Rita - the line "standing by a parking meter/when I caught a glimpse of Rita" refer to the accident, in which he lost control of his car because he was distracted by the beautiful Rita.

Good Morning, Good Morning - the lines "nothing to do to save his life", "you're on your own/you're in the street", "people running 'round/it's five o'clock (the time of the accident)", and "watching the skirts you start to flirt, now you're in gear" all refer to the accident and the scene thereafter.

A Day In The Life - if you listen to the line "nobody was really sure if he was from the house of lords", it sounds more like "nobody was really sure if he was from the house of Paul", meaning that since he was decapitated and had no hair or teeth they didn't know where he was from.

From Magical Mystery Tour

I Am The Walrus - at the end of the song, the voices of the older men speaking say "bury me...bury my body" and "Paul you're darn near death...rest you."

Hello Goodbye - the line "you say goodbye/I say hello" is William Campbell speaking about Paul.

All You Need Is Love - at the end of the song, John sings the word "yesterday" which sound suspiciously like "yes he's dead" and chants "we loved you yeah yeah yeah."

From The Beatles

Glass Onion - according to myth, a "glass onion" is a coffin with a glass window in it so people can look inside. John also sings "the walrus was Paul." Myth states that in some cultures, the walrus is a sign of death.

I'm So Tired - at the very end of the song is some incoherent mumbling of John's. When played backwards, this becomes "Paul's dead man, miss him, miss him."

Revolution 9 - various bits of chatter and noise can be heard that represent Paul's death, including "his voice was low and his eyes were high and his eyes were closed", "Paul died", "my fingers are broken and so is my hair. I'm not in the mood for wearing clothing", "maybe even dead", "you become naked (the way a body is buried)", and most interesting, there is a clip where a car crashes and catches on fire. "Paul" can be heard screaming "Get me out." Finally, the voice repeating "number nine, number nine" at the beginning, when played backward, says the infamous phrase "Turn me on, dead man, turn me on, dead man."

From Abbey Road

Come Together - the line "one and one and one make three" refers to the remaining Beatles.

I Want You (She's So Heavy) - the abrupt stop at the end of the song symbolizes the sudden death of Paul. At the end of the song, the heavy instrumental bar stops suddenly, representing the end of Paul's life.

From the singles

Lady Madonna - the line "Wednesday morning papers didn't come" refers to a strange incident where an unknown England newspaper reportedly recalled the Wednesday morning paper (remember, Paul "died" on a Wednesday) which reported the real-life accident Paul was in.

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - toward the end of the song a ringing sound is heard and a phone number is recited. People have claimed that when they called the number, a voice said, "you're getting closer..." then hung up. 

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