About The Beatles aims to off unique Beatles perspective and information while, at the same time, centralizing a lot of information about the Beatles especially in regards to their discography. But there are several sites and pages on the web which offer up some truly unique and specialized information - here are a few of them.

The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations

Everything you could ever hope to learn about all of the known variations of Beatles songs, be it from mixing, mastering, or simply different versions from different projects.

The Beatles UK Cassettes

A wealth of information on the sometimes strange world of Beatles cassette releases in the UK. Features scans, track listings (many are different from the LPs), background information, and much more.

Carnival of Light

The history of the Beatles' most mysterious unreleased track, including interviews and updates from people involved with the recording and news on a possible upcoming release.

Beatles fonts at Famous Fonts

Fonts based on Beatles logos and album cover titles.

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