Let It Be…Naked (2003)

Let It Be…Naked (2003)

Let It Be…Naked (2003)

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The release of the original Let It Be was filled with compromise, with Paul and George Martin especially vocal in their displeasure with the final product. While much of Paul’s angst could be considered a reflection of the band’s breakup and the complex legal matters they faced, the truth of the fact is that Spector’s reproduction was the complete antithesis of what Get Back was originally supposed to be – a “back to the basics” album of raw performances. Years later, a pre-Spector version of The Long And Winding Road would appear on Anthology 3, paving the way for Let It Be…Naked – the songs of Let It Be as they were originally intended, without orchestras, studio dialogue, or overdubs. Maggie Mae and Dig It – half-finished songs performed during the band’s many jam sessions during the album’s recording – have been omitted and “Don’t Let Me Down” has been added. The album was also originally packaged with a 20 minute bonus disc of “fly-on-the-wall” audio footage taken from the famous Nagra tapes. The booklet includes photos from the booklet which originally accompanied early copies of the album from 1970.

Track list

  1. Get Back
  2. Dig A Pony
  3. For You Blue
  4. The Long And Winding Road
  5. Two Of Us
  6. I’ve Got A Feeling
  7. One After 909
  8. Don’t Let Me Down
  9. I Me Mine
  10. Across The Universe
  11. Let It Be

Release history

  • Capitol/Apple CDP 7243 5 95713 2 4, released November 18, 2003
  • Digital only, released April 3, 2013

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