Dig A Pony (Lennon/McCartney)

John's original title for Dig A Pony was "Con A Lowry" and even before that was called "All I Want Is You", the latter of which was written for Yoko, the former was a nonsense song made up in the studio. He combined the two, changed some lines, and thus was born Dig A Pony.

Recording dates

  • January 22, 1969 (unnumbered takes)
  • January 24, 1969 (unnumbered takes)
  • January 28, 1969 (unnumbered takes)
  • January 30, 1969 (rehearsal & 1 take; rooftop performance)
  • February 5, 1969 (stereo mixing of rooftop performance)
  • March 23, 1970 (Phil Spector mixes)

Release history

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