Compact Disc EP Collection (1992)

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Compact Disc EP Collection (1992)

Compact Disc EP Collection (1992)

After the Beatles released Please Please Me in 1963, they began releasing Extended-Play singles (EPs) along with hit singles to bridge the gap between singles and albums. Compact Disc EP Collection collects all 14 EPs on CD for the first time, together with a bonus disc of previously unavailable rarities and the 32-page Magical Mystery Tour book from the original British release.

Untitled bonus rarities EP (SGE 1)

A bonus untitled rarities EP is exclusive to this box set, featuring sleeve art from the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever single.

  1. The Inner Light – previously included on the Lady Madonna single and “Rarities” album in mono, this stereo mix was the first such available release in the UK.
  2. Baby You’re A Rich Man – previously issued in mock stereo on the All You Need is Love single and Magical Mystery Tour album, this stereo mix was first issued on The Beatles Box and is available for the first time outside of that release.
  3. She’s A Woman – previously included on the I Feel Fine single and “Rarities” album in mono, She’s A Woman was issued for the first time in stereo on The Beatles Box. This stereo mix is slightly longer and includes a “1, 2, 3, 4” count-in from Paul.
  4. This Boy – previously included on the I Want To Hold Your Hand single and “Rarities” album in mono. The sleeve claims this is the first stereo release available in the UK, but this mix was previously used on Love Songs.

Release history

  • EMI CDBEP 14, released May 26, 1992 (UK)
  • EMI/Odeon/Apple TOCP-7101-15, released June 10, 1992 (Japan)
  • Apple/Capitol C2-15852, released June 30, 1992 (US)

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