Baby You're A Rich Man (Lennon/McCartney)

As with many of the songs from this point in the Beatles' career, Baby You're a Rich Man was a combination of two songs; One of the Beautiful People by John and Baby You're a Rich Man by Paul. The "beautiful people" are a generation of hippies who freely described events and people as "beautiful" and the "rich man" is said to be Brian Epstein.

Vocals by Mick Jaggar?

As indicated on one of the (two) tape boxes from the recording session (which reads "+ Mick Jagger"), Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger may be present on "Baby You're A Rich Man".

Recording dates

  • May 11, 1967 (12 takes; basic track, overdubs, mixing)
  • November 7, 1967 (false stereo mixing for Capitol)
  • August 22, 1968 (unused mono mixing)
  • October 22, 1971 (true stereo mixing for German album)

Release history

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