At The Hollywood Bowl (1977)

At The Hollywood Bowl (1977)

At The Hollywood Bowl (1977)

The Beatles’ 1964 and 1965 concerts at the Hollywood Bowl were recorded at the recommendation of George Martin to Capitol with the intent to release a live album. However, only 3-track tapes were available, and the immense crowd noise rendered the recordings unreleasable. More than ten years later the available technology was improved enough to create a proper mix.

Songs from the 1964 show not included on the album are Twist And ShoutYou Can’t Do ThatCan’t Buy Me LoveIf I FellI Want To Hold Your Hand, and A Hard Day’s Night. Songs from the 1965 show not included on the album are I Feel FineEverybody’s Trying To Be My BabyBaby’s In BlackI Wanna Be Your Man, and I’m DownBaby’s In Black, from the 1965 Hollywood Bowl concert, however, was issued as the B-Side of the 1996 Real Love single, and I Want To Hold Your Hand from the 1964 concert was mixed into the studio version of the song for the 2006 Love album.

At The Hollywood Bowl is out of print and has not officially been released digitally or on compact disc.

The 2016 album Live At The Hollywood Bowl contains the 13 tracks from At The Hollywood Bowl along with 4 new, unreleased recordings.

Track list

Side A

  1. Twist And Shout
  2. She’s A Woman
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  4. Ticket To Ride
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love
  6. Things We Said Today
  7. Roll Over Beethoven

Side B

  1. Boys
  2. A Hard Day’s Night
  3. Help!
  4. All My Loving
  5. She Loves You
  6. Long Tall Sally

Release history

  • Capitol SMAS 11638, released May 6, 1977
  • Parlophone EMTV 4, released May 6, 1977
  • Music For Pleasure MFP 4156761, released September 3, 1984

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  1. Darryl says:

    Very Good quality of Audio despite the lack of technology at the time. This a better recreation of what it would have been to attend a Beatles concert. To think that the Beatles could barely hear themselves playing it’s incredible how in tune they were with each other. I’m so glad this became available as I never had the chance to see The Beatles Live.

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