All My Loving (Lennon/McCartney)

"A damn good piece of work" is what John called Paul's All My Loving, which was written as a poem for his new girlfriend Jane Asher while Paul was shaving. Paul later commented that it was the first song he wrote where he had the words written before the tune.

Hi-hat intro version

At least four European albums feature a different mix known as the "hi-hat intro" version, in which the song begins with 5 hi-hat taps and a sharp intake of breath on the right channel. These albums are With The Beatles, The Beatles' Greatest, The World's Best (all German), and The Beatles' Greatest (Holland).

Recording dates

  • July 30, 1963 (13 takes; basic track)
  • August 30, 1963 (mixing)
  • October 29, 1963 (mixing)

Release history

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