We've gathered a wealth of information on the Beatles' discography both home and worldwide.

Beatles Albums Discography

This discography lists US and UK regular-issue Beatles albums (LPs/records/CDs) as well as releases outside of the UK and US (many of which had little or no input from the Beatles, as was even the case with many of the US LPs).

An EP is a short album consisting of about four songs - more than a single but less than an LP or album. Several EPs were released in Britain and were notable for promoting well known songs which were not released as singles, such as Nowhere Man and Yesterday, but they were most common in other markets such as France, where The Beatles had little to no input in the planning of releases.

No One's Gonna Change Our World is a World Wildlife Fund benefit album released in the UK on December 12, 1969. It is the only multiple-artist compilation album to contain a recording made by the Beatles, Across The Universe.

WHAT A THING TO DO: The Alpha Omega Incident

In 1972 a small company in New Jersey brazenly flaunted copyright statutes and sold a huge four-disc set of well-known Beatles songs - even advertising the collection on television and radio.

DON'T LET ME DOWN: Rewriting Beatles History With The U.S. Albums Box Set

The recent Apple release “The U.S. Albums” should have been great. It should have been important, and it should have filled a void. It is none and does none of those things.

Over the course of their career the Beatles had a number of album cover ideas, concepts, and even finalized artwork that was eventually rejected in favor of the covers we know today. Here's a look at a few of them.

GIVE ME PRESENTS: The Beatles Fan Club Christmas Records

Each year, from their inception until their breakup, the Beatles released a Christmas record through their fan club on a flexidisc record - a flimsy record roughly the size of a 45. These records were typically filled with Christmas songs and skits. These releases were given out to the U.K. fan club; the U.S. fan club sometimes did not receive recordings at all as noted below. Contained here is a list of all of the Christmas flexidiscs with rough track listings, recording notes, cover photos, and more.

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