Ain’t She Sweet (1964)

Ain’t She Sweet (1964)

Ain't She Sweet (1964)

Track list

Side A

All performances by Tony Sheridan with The Beatles as a backing band unless otherwise indicated

  1. Ain’t She Sweet (performed by The Beatles)
  2. Sweet Georgia Brown
  3. Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby
  4. Nobody’s Child
  5. I Wanna Be Your Man (performed by The Swallows)
  6. She Loves You (performed by The Swallows)

Side two

All performances by The Swallows

  1. How Do You Do It?
  2. Please Please Me
  3. I’ll Keep You Satisfied
  4. I’m Telling You Now
  5. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  6. From Me to You

Release history

  • Atco 33-169 (mono) and SD 33-169 (stereo), released October 5, 1964

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