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About The Beatles was founded in 1997 as a hobby site from a Beatles fan and from the beginning aimed to serve as a collection of Beatles knowledge and information during a time when such information was scattered and sometimes muddied by urban legends and misunderstandings. Before Wikipedia even existed or the Beatles made their official move to the web, About The Beatles served fans looking for information.

Since then it has grown and become one of the leading Beatles worldwide discography resources featuring a wealth of information on album and sleeve art. Our Paul Is Dead features collect a wide range of material on the subject, and our newer article features present the Beatles in a new and unique light.

Release history lists for all songs pertain to the Beatles’ regular-issue discography only, and at this time do not include US or other international releases.

Links to order or preorder CDs, vinyl, and other merchandise are for the US unless otherwise stated.

About The Beatles is not affiliated with The Beatles, Apple, or EMI. All photos and lyrics are copyright their respective owners.

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us with any questions, comments, additions, or corrections.