About The Beatles is a comprehensive and informative site about the Beatles. Featured is an unparalleled international discography of LPs, EPs, singles, and more; interviews; rare photos; quotes; incredibly detailed song and album information; and much more.

Our albums discography features cover scans, catalog numbers, release dates, and track lists for over 100 different official albums released worldwide. The song index gives song backgrounds, quotes, recording notes, and much more on every regularly issued song in the Beatles career. Our EP discography features track lists, covers, and catalog/release data for over 90 different EPs issued worldwide. The singles discography offers catalog numbers and release dates for over 70 different singles released worldwide, with an incredible showcase of dozens more worldwide cover sleeves.

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We've made many, many changes and improvements to About The Beatles! Aside from the new comment and discussion system and new, easier-to-use design and layout, you'll find a new mobile-friendly version when viewing from your phone or other mobile device. We've also added TONS of new information - new, larger cover scans and photos, more foreign albums, EPs, and singles covers, and lots more information in the song index -- including complete regular issue release information for every single song.

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