Within You, Without You (Harrison)

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Within You, Without You (Harrison)

Written by George as his only contribution to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Within You Without You is based on Hindu teachings and was written shortly after George discovered the Indian instrument the sitar. It was written on a pedal harmonium at friend Klaus Voormann’s house, who drew the cover for Revolver and later the three Anthology albums.

Closing laughter

The laughter at the end of the song was once rumored to be the band laughing because George dropped his pants, but in fact it came from a sound effects tape. The track source is different on the mono version than the stereo version.


  • George Harrison – lead vocals, tambura, sitar, acoustic guitar
  • Anna Joshi – dilruba
  • Amrit Gajjar – dilruba
  • Natwar Soni – tabla
  • Buddhadev Kansara – tambura
  • Neil Aspinall – tambura
  • Uncredited – swarmandal
  • Erich Gruenberg, Alan Loveday, Julien Gaillard, Paul Scherman, Ralph Elman, David Wolfsthal, Jack Rothstein, Jack Greene – violins
  • Reginald Kilbey, Allen Ford, Peter Beavan – cellos

Release history

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