Wild Honey Pie (Lennon/McCartney)

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Wild Honey Pie (Lennon/McCartney)

Wild Honey Pie was taken from a singalong/jam session while on meditation. It was recorded completely by Paul, while John and Ringo worked in another studio and George was on vacation in Greece. Patti Harrison liked the song so it was included on The Beatles.


“We were in an experimental mode, and so I said, ‘Can I just make something up?’ I started off with the guitar and did a multitracking experiment in the control room or maybe in the little room next door. It was very home-made; it wasn’t a big production at all. I just made up this short piece and I multitracked a harmony to that, and a harmony to that, and a harmony to that, and built it up sculpturally with a lot of vibrato on the strings, really pulling the strings madly. Hence, ‘Wild Honey Pie’, which was a reference to the other song I had written called ‘Honey Pie’.” – Paul McCartney


  • Paul McCartney – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass drum, percussion

Release history

Notable covers

  • Pixies (from Pixies At The BBC)

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