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Very Together (1969)

Very Together (Canada LP)

Consisting solely of recordings made with Tony Sheridan in 1961, prior to their signing with Parlophone, Very Together is a Canada-only compilation notable because the cover consisted of 4 candles with one's flame snuffed, supposedly representing the deceased Paul and further fuel for the then-recent "Paul is Dead" hoax. Cry For A Shadow is listed incorrectly as Cry For My Shadow on the back cover.

Track list

Side A

  1. Ain't She Sweet
  2. Cry For A Shadow
  3. Let's Dance
  4. My Bonnie
  5. If You Love Me, Baby
  6. What'd I Say?

Side B

  1. Sweet Georgia Brown
  2. The Saints
  3. Ruby Baby
  4. Why
  5. Nobody's Child
  6. Ya Ya

Release history

  • Polydor Records 242.008, released 1969

Back cover

Very Together (Canada LP), back cover

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