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The Beatles Vol. 4 (Mexico, 1964)

The Beatles Vol. 4 (Mexico, 1964)

Issued originally on the Musart label, as Capitol (who handled North American distribution) did not have offices in Mexico and had to contract production out to them. Capitol established offices in Mexico in 1965 and reissued the album on their own label from that point on. Musart releases are relatively hard to find.

Track list

Side A

  1. Una Dura Noche (A Hard Day's Night)
  2. Debia Conocerla Mejor (I Should Have Known Better)
  3. Si Cai (If I Fell)
  4. Feliz Al Bailar Contigo (I'm Happy Just To Dance With You)
  5. Y La Amo (And I Love Her)
  6. Dime Por Que (Tell Me Why)

Side B

  1. La Flaca Sally (Long Tall Sally)
  2. En Cualquier Momento (Any Time At All)
  3. En Cambio Llorare (I'll Cry Instead)
  4. Las Cosas Que Dijimos (Things We Said Today)
  5. Cuando Llegue A Casa (When I Get Home)
  6. Regresare (I'll Be Back)

Release history

  • Musart D-945 (mono), released 1964
  • Capitol LEM 008 (mono), released 1965

1965 Capitol reissue, titled Versiones Originales De La Pelicula Yea! Yea! Yea!

The Beatles Vol. 4, 1965 Capitol reissue (Mexico)

1965 Capitol reissue, back cover

The Beatles Vol. 4, 1965 Capitol reissue, back cover (Mexico)

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