Paperback Writer / Rain (1966)

Paperback Writer / Rain (UK)

UK (1982 reissue sleeve)

Parlophone R 5452
Released June 10, 1966 (no picture sleeve)

Parlophone RP 5452, released June 9, 1986 (debut of above picture sleeve)

Parlophone CD3R 5452 (3" CD), released May 8, 1989

Parlophone CDR 5452, released November 2, 1992 in CD Singles Collection

Paperback Writer / Rain (Netherlands)


Parlophone R 5452
Paperback Writer / Rain (Denmark/Norway)


Parlophone R 5452
Paperback Writer / Rain (Spain)


Odeon O 23210
Paperback Writer / Rain (Japan)


Odeon OR-1528
Paperback Writer / Rain (Sweden)


Parlophone R 5452
Paperback Writer / Rain (US)


Capitol 5651
Released May 23, 1966

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