Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

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Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

Stuck with too few songs for an album, it was decided that the songs from the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ film would be issued on a double EP set. However, Capitol Records in America found this format unacceptable due to their lack of success with previous Beatles EPs. So they packaged the songs from the EPs with the remaining Beatles singles from 1967 that had not been issued on an album and issued it as an LP. Upon release in Britain in 1976, the LP version became the “official” version and was the version used for the CD release in 1988.

Track list

EP 1, Side A

  1. Magical Mystery Tour
  2. Your Mother Should Know

EP 1, Side B

  1. I Am The Walrus

EP 2, Side A

  1. The Fool On The Hill
  2. Flying

EP 2, Side B

  1. Blue Jay Way

Release history

  • Parlophone MMT1 / MMT2 (mono), released December 8, 1967
  • Parlophone SMMT1 / SMMT2 (stereo), released December 8, 1967
  • Odeon SMO 31-501 / SMO 31-501, released 1967 (Germany)
  • Odeon SOLM 1 / SOLM 2 (mono), released January 20, 1968 (Spain)
  • Odeon SOLS 1 / SOLS 2 (stereo), released January 20, 1968 (Spain)
  • Odeon MMT-1, released 1968 (Brazil)
  • Parlophone CDMAG 1 (mono & stereo), released June 15, 1992 in Compact Disc EP Collection


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