Love Songs (1977)

Love Songs (1977)

Love Songs (1977)

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As the title suggests, Love Songs is a double LP set which collects some of the greatest of the Beatles love songs, spanning their entire career. This version of Girl was a new remix. In 1980 the album was split into two separate single LP releases. A different version was released in Canada on gold vinyl, with some copies including the picture book from the special releases of Let It Be.

Love Songs is out of print and has not officially been released digitally or on compact disc.

Track list

Disc 1, Side A

  1. Yesterday
  2. I’ll Follow The Sun
  3. I Need You
  4. Girl
  5. In My Life
  6. Words Of Love
  7. Here, There, And Everywhere

Disc 1, Side B

  1. Something
  2. And I Love Her
  3. If I Fell
  4. I’ll Be Back
  5. Tell Me What You See
  6. Yes It Is

Disc 2, Side A

  1. Michelle
  2. It’s Only Love
  3. You’re Going To Lose That Girl
  4. Every Little Thing
  5. For No One
  6. She’s Leaving Home

Disc 2, Side B

  1. The Long And Winding Road
  2. This Boy
  3. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  4. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  5. I Will
  6. P. S. I Love You

Release history

  • Parlophone PCSP 721, released November 19, 1977 (UK)
  • Capitol SKBL 11711, released October 21, 1977 (US)
  • Балкантон ‎BTA 1141/42, released 1982 (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria cover

Love Songs, Bulgaria cover

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  1. David M Bozarth says:

    Thanks for reading my message. I recently found a copy of the Beatles Love Songs album with what appears to be a printer mistake and am wondering if you would be able to shed some light. It’s Capitol SKBL-11711, embossed front cover. The gold portion of the portrait is out of place so that the background of the oval is brown instead of the normal gold color. Is there anything anywhere that can tell me more? Do you think this copy is valuable or just a print error? I have attached a photo if that might help. Again, thank you very much.

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