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Bootlegs > Unsurpassed Masters vol. 7

The Beatles: Unsurpassed Masters vol. 7 (Bootleg)

Unsurpassed Masters vol. 7

Yellow Dog
61 min, 14 sec

Another compilation, as is Vol. 6 of tracks from the Beatles entire career from 1962-1970.

  1. Do You Want To Know A Secret
  2. Misery
    Take one without the piano overdub. Recorded February 11, 1963.
  3. One After 909
    Alternate edit of takes 4 and 5. Undocumented mono edit from same mix as Anthology version. Recorded March 5, 1963.
  4. Hold Me Tight
    Takes 25 and 26. Take 25 is incomplete, with some questioning by John, and take 26 is complete. Recorded September 12, 1963.
  5. Can't Buy Me Love
    Recorded in Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris, on January 29, 1964.
  6. I'm A Loser
    Take 3 with some studio discussion as to the direction of the song (as well as some shushing by Ringo). Recorded on August 14, 1964.
  7. I Feel Fine
    A nearly complete take 5 recorded on October 18, 1964.
  8. Yes It Is
    Take 14 later used for vocal overdubs. Recorded on February 16, 1965.
  9. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
    Take 4 mono mix in right channel only. Recorded on Octobe 21, 1965.
  10. Penny Lane
    Take 9 - an alternate mix of the promo mix (mono). Recorded January 17, 1967.
  11. Lady Madonna
    Take 4 with some laughing at the beginning. Recorded February 6, 1968.
  12. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
    Outtake from take 5 recorded on July 5, 1968.
  13. Not Guilty
    Take 102 - a stereo, unedited mix recorded on August 12, 1968.
  14. Revolution
    A reduction or 'bounce' of take 15, switching to mono after the first couple of seconds. Recorded on July 10, 1968.
  15. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    An acoustic take 1, stopping before some studio chat occurs by George. Recorded on July 25, 1968.
  16. Come And Get It
    Paul's demo, the same as the Sessions version. Recorded July 24, 1969.
  17. 'Beatle Speech'
    Although the track listing has this as "Think For Yourself", many experts agree the title is "Beatle Speech", as it is marked that way on the tape box which Mark Lewisohn used.

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