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Anthology More

Anthology More

More showcases even more unreleased material than the officially released Anthology trilogy, including a rare recording of "Blue Moon Of Kentucky", which was performed by George, Paul, and Ringo during the Free As A Bird sessions.

Track list

Disc 1

  1. Puttin' On The Style/Blue Moon Of Kentucky
    Recorded by The Quarrymen in 1957 and Paul, George, and Ringo in 1995
  2. Some Days
    Recorded in Liverpool, 1960
  3. Wildcat
    Recorded in Liverpool, 1960
  4. Matchbox
    Recorded in Liverpool, 1960
  5. Take Good Care Of My Baby
    From the failed 1962 Decca audition
  6. To Know Her Is To Love Her
    From the failed 1962 Decca audition
  7. Dream Baby
    Recorded for the BBC, 1962
  8. Ask Me Why
    Recorded for the BBC, 1962
  9. A Picture Of You
    Recorded for the BBC, 1962
  10. Red Hot
    Recorded in Hamburg, 1962
  11. I Saw Her Standing There
    Recorded in Hamburg, 1962
  12. Beautiful Dreamer
    Recorded for the BBC, 1962
  13. Catswalk
    From a 1962 rehearsal at The Cavern
  14. There's A Place
    take 2
  15. Thank You Girl
    take 1
  16. In The Studio
    noted as "Anthology bloopers"
  17. I'm In Love
  18. One And One Is Two
  19. Long Tall Sally
    Recorded in Washington, DC 1964
  20. And I Love Her
    "outfake" - merely a single tracked vocal
  21. A Hard Day's Night
    take 4
  22. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
    Recorded for the BBC, 1964
  23. If I Fell
    Taken from a 1964 performance at The Hollywood Bowl
  24. Kansas City
    Recorded live
  25. I'm A Loser
    Recorded live
  26. Act Naturally
    Recorded live
  27. Baby's In Black
    Recorded live
  28. I'm Down
    Recorded live
  29. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
    Recorded in Atlanta, 1965

Disc 2

  1. John Lennon Poetry
  2. Yesterday
    Without string arrangement
  3. We Can Work It Out
    Outtakes mix
  4. For No One
  5. Tomorrow Never Knows
  6. And Your Bird Can Sing
  7. Strawberry Fields Forever
    take 4
  8. A Day In The Life
  9. She's Leaving Home
    mono mix
  10. Hello Goodbye
    take 1
  11. Spiritual Regeneration
    Recorded during Rishikesh trip
  12. Child Of Nature
  13. Sour Milk Sea
  14. Helter Skelter
    mono mix
  15. I'm So Tired
  16. "New Song" Session Medley
    From the Get Back sessions
  17. Rocker/The Walk
  18. Jamming With Heather
  19. Something
    take 37
  20. You Never Give Me Your Money
  21. Free As A Bird
    different mix
  22. Cottonfields
    John Lennon with Kenny Everett

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